Credit where credit is due

Yesterday I wrote an article about how it’s important to understand the theory behind accessibility in order to implement it. I wanted to add a hat tip to some people at a web site I frequent for the clear layman’s definitions of various HTML5 concepts, but the article ran way longer than I wanted it to. Worse, adding yet another… Continue reading

Conceptualizing standards for better design

Understanding web accessibility standards can be a pretty tricky endeavor for many people. Even people directly in the standards community end up debating for days on end about how a particular specification should be implemented. The misinterpretation of a spec often occurs from an over analyzation of it. Other times it’s because standards have been purposely written as vague as… Continue reading

A Section 508 Primer

 Caption: Person who is Deaf and blind learning how to use a computer Photo credit: cobalt123 via Foter CC BY-NC-SA sually when people ask me what I do for a living, the subject of Section 508 comes up. This is typically followed by a long, blank stare, coupled with a dumbfounded pause while they try to figure out what… Continue reading